Friday, February 12, 2010

February Break

I would like to wish each of you a wonderful Februray recess. I do hope it is a restful week, finding you in the company of family and friends. I will expect the following upon you return:

* Chapter 24 must be read
* World Power packet must be complete (Handed out on 2/9)
* Castle Learning Exam must be complete - World Power
* Video Analysis from Computer Lab must be completed by end of school, 2/25



性感的我 said...


Mark Landstrom said...

Hello Mr. Keegan,
Daniel says that the assignment on the board on Friday said "No HW" for the vacation, but I see you've posted this work. Unfortunately, he did not bring any of these materials home. Please give us some direction. Thank you!
Mr. Landstrom

Directors said...

Hello Landstrom Family,

Nice to see you last week.

Very sorry that it has taken this long to read your comment. I have so few comments posted by students/parents that I rarely check to see if any have been posted.

The homework that was noted before February break was a reminder to my students that all of these assignments (which were distributed the week leading up to break) would be reviewed when we returned.

Mr. Keegan