Friday, March 12, 2010

Hello Team 8-2

I will be out today, March 12th, tending to two sick one-year old boys. I do hope you are all well, and that you are committed to working hard and being respectful. I expect your best behavior and most efficient use of time. The crossword that I have created and the Taboo packet will be helpful as you set out to review for Monday's quiz.

When you are through with your review materials (Taboo & Crossword), I would like to see you interact with a K-W-L on the 1920s. Remember the K-W-L stands for:

* What you Know?
* What you Want to know?
* What you Learned?

I do hope you all have a great weekend! Remember, middle school is fast coming to a close. Let's work as hard as we can in the coming weeks so that the skills necessary for high school success are sharpened.

Classroom Procedures

Please hand out a Taboo packet to each student. These packets can be found on my desk or on the small table in front of my desk. Please inform students that these terms are the BIG ones for Monday’s quiz. Please ask students to take 7 minutes today to review the terms. If comfortable, students may work with a partner to quiz one another. (read taboo terms and ask partner to try to identify the word)

Please hand out WW I Crossword Puzzle. You may allow students to work individually or with a partner. Students may use the “old” textbooks in the back of the room. After 15 minutes, or when all students are nearing completion, please go through the crossword with the students. Answers are below:

Once complete, each student should pick up an “old” textbook from the back of the classroom. Then, please hand out the K-W-L sheet.
Please ask students to open the textbook to the chapter on the 1920s. I believe this is Chapter 24. Utilizing this chapter, ask students to complete the K and W part of the KWL. Feel free to complete the K (What do you KNOW) as a whole-class activity.

What students do not finish of the K-W-L must be finished by Tuesday’s class.