Friday, November 6, 2009

Time Traveler

Research the major events, ideas, and developments of the 20th Century as a means to prepare yourself for Monday's Decades Draft. Ask your parents, relatives, teachers, and coaches which events in the lives stand out to them. Ask them why these events are so memorable?

For a digital version (downloadable) of the Historical Fact Sheet go the link below.

Project Summary & Due Dates - Team 8-2

The links below include lists of some of the most important events of the 2oth century. You are not bound to use one of these events as the subject of your Time Traveler Project.

Freedom Forum - Top 100 Events of the 20th Century

Newseum - Top 100 Stories of the Century

The Associated Press - Top 100 News Stories

Top 100 Sports Stories of the 20th Century


1900 vs. Today

The First Flight - The Wright Brothers


The Triangle Fire


The Roaring Twenties


1930s - A Survey of the Decade

1930s - People & Personalities


American Cultural History


Jackie Robinson


American Cultural History

Elvis Presley - Rock and
Roll Hall of Fame

Brown v. Board of Education

The 1960-1969

John F. Kennedy - PBS

Riots of the 1960s


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