Tuesday, June 9, 2009

June 9, 2009

Hello Team 7-2

Today's Announcements

Extra Help will be held on Wednesday and Thursday mornings at 7:10, as well as Wednesday afternoon.

1. Good luck today as you make final preparations for tomorrow's DBQ!
Don't forget, the topic is The Causes of the Civil War.

2. You will be reviewing a brief slide show highlighting some of the positives and negatives of your Westward Expansion DBQ. Please pay close attention!

3. When you are done reviewing the slide show, please either:

Work on your green multiple choice Review Booklet. All practice exams must be completed by next Tuesday!

Study for tomorrow's DBQ. This may include reviewing all of your notes or the textbook pages on the Causes of the Civil War. The old textbooks are just fine for this!

Also, don't forget you may complete the Castle Learning tests all the way up to next Tuesday!!!

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