Wednesday, May 27, 2009

4th Cycle Assignment and Exam Schedule

June 2009
Assignment Schedule

Due Wednesday, May 27th

Using POQ, Complete Document Analysis:

• Painting 420
• Painting 423
• Paintings 425
• Chart 427
• Painting 428

Due Thursday, May 28th

Complete handout, A Delicate Balance

Due Friday, May 29th

Complete Cartoon Packet (Civil War & Reconstruction)
& Handout # 1-22

Due Monday, June 1st

Define each term:

sectionalism, popular sovereignty, secede, fugitive, civil war,
repeal, guerrilla warfare, lawsuit, arsenal, martyr

Due Tuesday, June 2nd

Each item below must be fully described.

1. Missouri Compromise

2. Wilmot Proviso

3. Compromise of 1850 (Explain all five parts)

4. Fugitive Slave Law of 1850

5. Kansas-Nebraska Act

6. Bleeding Kansas (Why was there so much fighting here?)

7. The Dred Scott decision (Describe the importance of this case)

8. John Brown’s Raid

Due Wednesday, June 3rd

Complete each question below to the best of your ability. Use the pages noted below for background information.

Why did the Republican Party come into being in the mid-1850’s? (Text pg 435)

What were Abraham Lincoln’s views on slavery? (Text 435-436)

How did northerners and southerners respond differently to the raid on Harpers Ferry? (Text 438)

How did the South react to the election of Abraham Lincoln as President in 1860?
(Text 439-441)

Why is Fort Sumter such an important part of studying the Civil War? (Text 443)

Due Friday, June 5th

Causes of the Civil War Exam

DBQ Exam

Wednesday, June 10th
Thursday, June 11th
Friday, June 12th

M/C Final Exam

Tuesday, June 16th

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