Monday, October 13, 2008

Tuesday, October 14

Presidential Debates

As a means to prepare for Wednesday's Presidential Debate, students on Team 7-2 will be evaluating the debate performances of a select number of political candidates. These candidates will be judged based upon their poise, knowledge of the issues, and ability to communicate their vision to the American people. Following these clips, students will evaluate Candidates A & B as they attempt to win the Presidency of Oceanside Middle School.

It should be a fun and rewarding day.

Presidential Debate Scorecard

John F. Kennedy (D) vs Richard Nixon (R) (1960)


John F. Kennedy (D) vs Richard Nixon (R)

Ronald Reagan (R) vs. Jimmy Carter (D) (1980)

Vice Presidential Debate

Dan Quayle (R) vs. Lloyd Bentsen (D)(1988)

George H.W. Bush (R) vs. Bill Clinton (D) (1992)

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